Boat trip on Øyeren


Øyeren is a lake in the Glomma river watershed, southeast of Lillestrøm. It is located within the municipalities of Enebakk, Skedsmo, Fet and Rælingen in Akershus county, and Spydeberg and Trøgstad municipalities, in Østfold county. Øyeren lake is the ninth largest lake by area in Norway, with a surface area of 84.7 km². It is 101 meters above sea level, and 71 meters deep. Portions of this wetland has been declared nature reserves.

M/S Øyeren Øyern airphoto

The trip was made with MS Øyeren It has 36 seats outside, and 36 seats inside.

  • Max number of passengers the boat can carry is 50 passengers.
  • Max speed 10 kt.
  • The crew have all current safety courses and certificates for passenger transport. they are subject to NMD annual inspection to get approved passenger certificate.
  • The boat is fully licensed.

Gansvika  Museum

The boat trip can be combined with a fantastic meal at the old sawmill Gansvika built in 1882, which now serve as dining and Forestry Museum.

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